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Also referred to as Tray Lidding Machines, Tray Sealing Machines, or Top Sealers; Top Seal Packaging Machines utilize heat and other methods to apply plastic film lids to trays of varying depths, sizes, and substrates. These seals produce a hermetic seal that protects food and allows for the use of modified atmosphere packaging. A tray sealing system is optimal for Produce and Food Processing packaging applications. Tray sealing is also a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly packaging solution using up to 25% less packaging material than other packaging methods.


Filled trays are moved through the machine via motorized conveyors. Tray groups are then picked up by the tray sealing machines mechanical arms and the lids are applied. The arms then deposit the sealed trays on the exit conveyor.

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The Evolution S is the fastest and most advanced tray sealing machine on the market – sealing up to 250 packs per minute in a single lane format. This makes it the world’s most efficient tray sealer developed with new technology developed by Packaging Automation Ltd. – SyncroTechnology.

SyncroTechnology addresses all the areas that can potentially slow down a typical tray sealing machine with added precision control and reliability.




The Revolution is a fully automatic top sealing machine that can seal between 125 and 200 packs a minute. It uses the Intelligent Transfer System and is configurable for MAP and SkinPAC technologies.





The Eclipse series of tray lidding machines is one of the most reliable family of top sealing machines available today. These machines feature easy to change over tool-sets with an inbuilt tool docking system and light weight quick release tooling. The Eclipse family of tray lidding machines can pack between 45 and 125 packs a minute.

Eclipse SL3

Eclipse SL4

Eclipse SL6



The PA182 is a 2 station, rotating tray semi-automatic top sealing station. The PA182 is simple to use and is able of sealing up to 40 packs per minute. It is a flexible, easy to use machine that features an intuitive touch screen display and is designed for rapid tool change overs.

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Benefits of Tray Sealing


Benefits of Tray Sealing

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The airtight hermetic seal provided by heat seal machines allows for modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging. MAP is a process where oxygen levels inside of a sealed package is dropped to 0%. This slows down the development of harmful aerobic bacteria that cause spoilage.

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Top sealing films are available in a variety of compositions that allow for different uses. Many of these compositions can feature colored printing for displaying brand and informative messaging. Options are also available for peelable films, re-sealable films and cold and hot sealing methods.

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Heat sealing helps improve food safety by providing a strong airtight seal that prevents contamination. The air tight seal prevents dirt and moisture from entering the container. Specialty films are also available to reduce contamination from sources like harmful UV rays and harmful gases. Tray Sealing also provides excellent protection from tampering with tamper evident lids. These lids will leave distinctive signs when a package has been opened alerting everyone to the risk of tampering.

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Our tray sealing packaging machines are fully electric and feature chain-driven conveyors. This allows the machines to operate efficiently and reliably at high speeds. Some of our top seal machines can run up to 175 packs per minute on small containers.

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Crawford Packaging’s line of heat sealers are capable of changeovers as fast as 2 minutes. These fast changeovers minimize machine downtime by using interchangeable parts trays and a programmable interface for changing pack parameters.



Minor errors are often fixed by adding more packaging material than budgeted. Major errors may require the removal of misapplied materials and start again from scratch. Automated packaging systems use advanced controls and measurement systems to ensure your packaging is done right, the first time, every time.



Tray Sealing Film


Tray Sealing Film

Improve your shelf impact with tray seal films

Need a whole Tray Seal Solution? Along with equipment, Crawford Packaging offers high-quality resealable and 100% recyclable peelable top seal films. Contact us to start creating your custom top seal film solution.

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