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Strawberries Packed in Top Seal Packaging


Crawford Packaging was contacted by a fresh produce grower and packer who was interested in Top Seal packaging. The Client was looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of this new environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Crawford’s Packaging Specialist was able to work with our Tray Sealing Machine and produce consumables suppliers to develop a comprehensive top sealing packaging solution. Once a solution was identified, a new Tray Sealing Machine was installed at the Client facility for a test period. During this test period, a competing packaging solution provider approached the Client. They offered the Client the possibility to test their tray sealing solution against Crawford’s. Following the test period, the Client moved forward with Crawford Packaging and our complete packaging solution. Crawford's packaging solution would allow the Client to consolidate all consumable and service needs with one provider.


The Grower/Packer sought a complete Top Sealing packaging solution that would allow them to improve their current packaging operation. A Top Seal Machine would reduce their packaging material consumption and offer their customers a popular, eco-friendly package. With limited experience with tray lidding equipment or processes, the Client required a complete turn-key packaging solution. The solution would need to include a packaging machine, consumable and technical support to ensure a successful product launch.

Packaging Automation Eclipse SL4 Top Seal Machine


Crawford’s Packaging Specialist studied the Clients packaging requirements and consulted with Packaging Automation. Packaging Automation is a leading Tray Sealer manufacturer from the United Kingdom. After discussing the Client’s needs with PA, Crawford identified the Eclipse SL4 Top Sealer as the optimal solution. The SL4 would be installed in the Clients facility for an established test period. This would allow the Client to work with the machine and assess the fit in their produce packaging operation.


The Eclipse SL4 Motion is a fully automatic Tray Sealer capable of sealing up to 75 packages per minute. Fully electric Powerdrive ™ technology requires zero air to run and offers an energy efficient sealing solution. The SL4’s automatic standby feature further enhances its efficiency, reducing energy consumption when not in use. The ultra-light weight tooling and Inbuilt Tool Docking System ensures quick tooling change overs as short as 2 minutes. This tray sealing powerhouse is capable of running a variety of lidding film types and can be upgraded to seal MAP and SkinPAC.


Strawberries packaged in clam shells vs. Strawberries packaged in top seal packaging

After the test period, the Client elected to move forward with Crawford Packaging. The Client was extremely impressed with Crawford’s Packaging Machine Training Program and Service capabilities. These comprehensive programs made the adoption of the new Tray Sealer a quick and easy transition. Crawford Packaging’s Technicians worked closely with the Client’s service department, minimizing training time and to help establish machine maintenance procedures.

This knowledge based packaging solution helped the client transition seamlessly to a new packaging system. The efficient Eclipse SL4 has helped the client improve energy efficiency and reduce packaging up to 25%. This reduction in packaging is a result of eliminating the unused space commonly found in traditional clam shell packaging. With less unused space per punnet packed, the client has been able to increase shipping volumes which has improved shipping efficiency with more punnets shipped per load.

Crawford's ability to provide the packaging machine, consumables and service allowed the Client to consolidate their packaging requirements. This allows their staff to efficiently place all product and service orders with a single packaging provider.

Crawford Packaging is a full-service packaging company located in London, Brampton and Waterloo, Ontario. From packaging to packaging equipment, installation and upgrades, and in-person equipment training and repair, we're focused on your business success every step of the way.

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