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Time to market is a very important factor for fresh produce growers. A fresh produce grower located in Leamington, Ontario was having challenges with their current top seal film ahead of an important trade show. The show was a national produce trade show and the Grower planned to launch a new line of tomatoes in re-sealable top seal packaging. With the trade show only two weeks away, the Grower had still not received their packaging film from their supplier.

The Grower’s current film supplier was estimating a lead time of four to six weeks. This was beyond the show date and product launch. The Grower contacted Crawford’s Packaging Specialist for help. The Packaging Specialist worked with Crawford’s suppliers to complete their top seal film prints in just ten days. This allowed the Grower to pack their tomatoes in time for the trade show.

photo through a roll of green and blue growpack lidding film


A Fresh Produce Grower and Packer had not received their top seal film in preparation for an upcoming trade show. The trade show was to be the launching platform for the Grower’s new top seal packaging. The new package was designed to be a reusable, resealable container that offered multiple benefits to consumers. With the deadline fast approaching, their supplier was estimating lead times between four to six weeks for their film. This would put them well beyond the trade show date. With a substantial investment in the trade show, the Grower risked missing the chance to launch their new product.


Crawford Packaging worked with the Grower to transfer a top seal machine to their Ohio packaging facility. During the machine installation process, the Growers Packaging Specialist learned of their trade show challenges. Understanding the importance of the Grower’s launch date, the Specialist offered the Grower an opportunity to switch to a Crawford GrowPack Top Seal Film. The Grower was appreciative of the offer and chose to move forward with Crawford Packaging. Working closely with the Grower and the film supplier, the Packaging Specialist delivered six printed designs within ten days. This allowed the Grower to pack their tomatoes in time for the trade show launch.



GrowPack lidding films are available for a variety of top seal formats. Our high-quality films are made from PET plastics and offer incredible clarity and strength. The thin grade plastics are made from multiple sources including sustainable polyethylene sourced from sustainable materials. GrowPack top seal films are available in glossy, matte and textured varnishes and can be custom designed to fit any tray size. GrowPack lidding films offer an increased surface area for high-quality print and messaging in up to 9 colours.

GrowPack lidding films offer more than an environmentally friendly film that looks great. These films are available with a wide range of consumer-focused options designed to make your package more engaging and user-focused.

peel and reseal label on red growpack top seal packaging film

Peel and Reseal Films

GrowPack films are available in both single and dual layer resealable designs. Creating a reusable package for your consumer. These packages offer consumers a no-fuss way of washing and storing their fresh produce. Just open the resealable lid, rinse, close and store.

tamper-evident technology on green growpack top seal packaging film

Increased Product Security

GrowPack films can be equipped with the latest in tamper-evident technologies that let your consumers know your product is safe. Tamper evident seals can be developed for all types of film and seals and display clear indicators if a package has been opened. Let your consumers shop worry free with the enhanced security provided by GrowPack lidding films.


With their new film delivered and their tomatoes packed, the Grower was able to launch their new product at the trade show. This knowledge-based, quick packaging solution helped the Grower introduce an exciting new product to market. At the trade show, the Grower showcased their new tomato packaging to prospective retailers on one of the largest stages for produce in North America.

Following the positive response to their product and packaging, the Grower continued to work with Crawford Packaging. They have since expanded their use of GrowPack lidding films to all of their tomato product lines.

Crawford Packaging is a full-service packaging company located in London, Brampton and Waterloo, Ontario. From packaging to packaging equipment, installation and upgrades, and in-person equipment training and repair, we're focused on your business success every step of the way.

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