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Utilizing state-of-the-art packaging equipment, materials, and revolutionary programs; Crawford Packaging works with third-party logistics providers to help improve packaging efficiencies, minimize damages, improve pack cost and increase throughput.


With over 50 years of packaging experience, Crawford Packaging has a strong dedication to delivering the highest quality products and services to the third-party logistics market. This in-depth experience enables our Packaging Specialists to fully understand the needs and demands of the fast-paced environment that third-party logistics providers operate within. Our Packaging Specialists are also able to develop effective and efficient packaging solutions to help improve packaging times, increase packaging efficiencies, and reduce per pack costs.

Man and woman in warehouse discussing packaging options with a clipboard.


We work with companies around the globe to provide our clients with the highest value in packaging equipment and materials. Working alongside world-class partners, Crawford Packaging is the only packaging provider to offer full service, turnkey packaging solution to clients. Working with one of our Packaging Specialists, Crawford Packaging can do a full packaging audit to analyze your existing packaging solution and identify opportunities for improvement.

These improvements could include aspects such as:

  • The addition of packaging automation

  • A reduction in materials and packaging costs

  • The addition of green packaging initiatives to support the environment

  • Improved protective packaging to reduce product damages



How We Can Help


How We Can Help


With decades of experience in developing turnkey packaging solutions for clients in 3PL and other fast paced market sectors such as pharmaceutical and produce packaging, Crawford Packaging has become an industry leading expert on the development, implementation, and optimization of secondary packaging materials and processes. We work with industry leaders and innovators to deliver to our clients the most cost-effective and reliable protective packaging options in a variety of materials and formats. Whether you are shipping glass wear or sensitive electronic components, Crawford Packaging has the right protection to ensure your products reach their destination intact.

Two men discussing cost effective packaging options in an industrial warehouse with clipboards.

Two men discussing cost effective packaging options in an industrial warehouse with clipboards.


At Crawford Packaging our goal is to develop a collaborative relationship with clients to improve existing per pack cost through increased efficiencies and productivity. Our unique ability to work with our clients to maximize packaging processes through the addition and modification of packaging equipment while improving per pack cost through high-quality packaging materials has led us to develop a reputation as the go-to source for all your packaging needs.


Our dedication to quality service for our customers has led to the development of groundbreaking programs for clients to help improve equipment lifespan, reduce waste and improve packaging material consumption rates.

the hexagon icon set of crawford packaging's pillars in multiple colours

The Crawford Pillars: The Crawford Pillars are designed to create savings up to 30%. Crawford's Packaging Specialist work with you to audit your existing packaging operation and identify areas that can be optimized.

Preventative Maintenance Program: Our factory trained and certified technicians will work with you to develop a preventative maintenance plan for your new or existing packaging equipment. This program could include equipment maintenance and part changes, operator and maintenance team training and establish equipment benchmarks for later reference and analysis.



Why Work With Us


Why Work With Us

Two people in warehouse aisle discussing packaging alternatives with clipboard


Our commitment to quality has led to Crawford Packaging being an accredited ISO 9001 business, maintaining certifications in a variety of service areas. We offer many products with CIFA certifications for pharmaceutical and food packaging. At Crawford Packaging performance isn’t just our goal, it’s our promise.



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