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Strapping Machines are packaging machines that use bands of flat steel or plastic tightened around a package or pallet of goods and fasten together to secure the package. Straps can bundle products together, improve containment strength and to secure a load to a shipping pallet. Straps are made from a variety of materials based on the required strength of the strap.

Types of Strapping Material

  • Steel

  • High Tensile Steel

  • Polypropylene

  • Polyester

  • Cordex

An automatic Strapping Machine with a powered roller conveyor to move loads into position to apply strapping materials.


Fully automatic strapping machines that offer a drop off area or conveyor systems to position a load for strapping. When machine sensors detect the load, the straps are automatically applied, tightened and cut without the need of operator interaction.

A piece of semi-automatic Strapping Equipment that is on a rolling platform so it can be moved from strapping job to job.


Semi-automatic strapping machines require an operator to function. The operator applies the straps around the load and initiates strap tightening. These machines are portable packaging stations that are optimal for low volume operations. Semi-automatic machines are also great options for backup and off-line strapping

Reisopack 2820

Reisopack 2830

Signode TTX Strapping Machine



Features of Strapping Machines


Features of Strapping Machines


A speeding van to show the need for strapping equipment to secure a load.


Strapping machines and straps secure products to each other, unitizing them for sale.  This bundling method is commonly used for large products such as lumber or rolls of paper and steel. With strong strapping materials, these products hold together allowing for easier handling and transport.

A box with a broken part inside to show the need of strapping equipment to secure your products.


Strapping your products for shipment adds an element of extra containment to your packaging. Strapping provides added strength for packaging, improving the containment strength to ensure packaging continuity. This ensures your packaging remains intact and your product is properly protected from contamination during shipping.

Strapping also provides an added source of containment for products that ship via pallet. Straps secure your products to the pallet, minimizing the risk of spillage or collapse. When used in conjunction with corner boards, straps also secure boxes to the pallet and add a uniform containment around the load.

A check mark to show the reliability of strapping machines.


Strapping machines use advanced PLC controls to reduce the possibility of equipment malfunction. The high-quality aluminum frame maximizes durability and limits the risk of damages. Protecting your machine in an active packaging environment. Sensing devices use proximity switches to apply consistent pressure to your packaging without the risk of crushing.

Reisopack Automatic Strapping Machine Strapping Cases of English Cucumbers

Reisopack Automatic Strapping Machine Strapping Cases of English Cucumbers

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