Aircraft Protection

Protective Packaging offers a range of aircraft preservation products and kits. From tire covers to engine covers, you’ll find what you need to keep rust and debris from your craft during shipping and storage.

Barrier Bags

We manufacture all of our barrier bags on-site in Carrollton, TX, just outside of Dallas. Most of our barrier materials can be made into bags of any size.

Barrier Materials

Protective Packaging stays abreast of industry developments and constantly updates its product offerings to include the best materials available. Any of our materials are available for purchase as rolls, sheets, tubing or bags.


Our corrosion prevention, protection, and control solutions combine desiccants, barrier materials, VCI emitters and other rust prohibiting components. We specialize in corrosion protection during shipping and storage.

Clay Desiccant


We offer a range of desiccants to compliment and complete our corrosion protection solutions including molecular sieve desiccants, montmorillionite clay desiccants and silica gel desiccants.

Drum Liners

Drum Liners

Our round bottom drum liners can be made from materials designed to prevent corrosion or protect from electrostatic discharge. We can make drum liners in a range of sizes, and no size is too big.

Flood Protection Kits

Our moisture barrier bags are ideal for preserving documents, valuables and electronics in the event of a flood or hurricane. We offer Flood Protection Kits that include several sizes of bags.

Heat Sealers

Hand held rotary heat sealers provide a convenient heat source to create pouches and bags out of materials lined with polyethylene. Industrial applications only! These are not for use with consumer food saver bags.


We carry a wide range of mil spec packaging materials: MIL-PRF-121, MIL-PRF-131, MIL-PRF-81705D and more. If you are not sure what you need, we can help with that too. See all of our mil spec materials here.

Outdoor Protection Covers

We custom make protective covers for all types of equipment, machinery and vehicles to preserve them when they have to be stored outside.


Our shrink-film packaging systems are among some of our most innovative industrial crating approaches. We use a polyethylene film that is capable of covering even the largest or most irregularly shaped objects.


Protective Packaging Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of static shielding bags in the United States. Although we carry an extensive inventory of “ready-made” solutions, as a manufacturer we also have the ability to create customized static shielding bags of any size.