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The fully electrical Eclipse SL4 Tray Sealer by Packaging Automation requires absolutely no air to fully operate. This environmental powerhouse also reduces energy usage during automatic standby mode.


  • POWERDRIVE™ – fully electrical machine requiring zero air

  • Can seal up to 75 packs per minute

  • Indisputable reliability

  • Environmental considerations incorporated into design

  • 2 minute tool changeovers

  • Ultra lightweight and quick release tooling

  • Inbuilt TDS (Tool Docking System) automatically aligns electrical connectors on the tool

  • Configurable for MAP and SkinPAC


  • MAP-F (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

  • MAP-V (Vacuum Gas Flushing)

  • SkinPAC

  • Industrial remote access solution for remote diagnostics and program updates

  • Eco-Cut™ – reducing film waste

  • Foil crimping

  • Inside cut for neater pack presentation

  • Pre-printed or pre-punched registered film

  • Through conveyor

  • Date coder integration ready


Our Packaging Specialists have a deep understanding of tray sealing equipment and the best strategies to reduce your cost per pallet.

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