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At Crawford Packaging, we understand that protection is one of the most important features industrial manufacturers need from their packaging solutions. With over 50 years of experience, we work with our clients to develop customized, cost-effective, and impactful industrial packaging solutions that increase efficiency and decrease waste.


Crawford Packaging believes that proper packaging is essential in controlling costs and managing waste. That is why we offer our customers complete packaging solutions that fit their business needs and goals.

Crawford Packaging’s highly-trained Packaging Specialists will perform a pack/cost analysis to fully understand your organization’s packaging needs and processes. This analysis will help our specialists determine how Crawford Packaging can improve your existing packaging solution. Improvements could include the addition of automation, upgraded packaging equipment or more cost-effective packaging materials.


We work with world-class industrial manufacturers to establish best practices for all our packaging equipment and materials. Our Packaging Specialists and Technicians use this to build and install complete, optimized packaging solutions. By optimizing machine and material use, we help reduce packaging waste, cut costs, and improve consumption.

Graph Outlining the sales process for the Industrial Manufacturing Packaging market.


Experts in Secondary Packaging.


Experts in Secondary Packaging.

Secondary packaging ensures that finished products arrive at their destination safely and in as-made condition. Proper secondary packaging acts as a protective buffer for your products during transport. This buffer can be in the form of internal or external protections. Internal protections include packaging materials like bubble barriers and packaging peanuts. External protections include packaging films and cases that provide improved protection and increase load stability for transportation.


We work with world-class packaging equipment suppliers to provide our clients the highest quality packaging machines available on the market. On top of this, we test all of our packaging machines to the highest standards for both product and operator safety.

A flexible conveyor moving closed packages out of a carton sealing machine.
Two men repairing broken packaging machine in warehouse of manufacturing client


Our team of highly skilled Technicians install, update and repair all of our packaging machine brands and models. Our factory-trained service team consists of skilled and certified Millwrights and Electricians capable of working with all aspects of your packaging machine including mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic. Our service team will also work with your in-house teams to establish proper training and maintenance practices. With proper care, your packaging machines can last you a lifetime!



One-Stop Shop.


One-Stop Shop.

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Crawford Packaging sources the highest quality packaging materials available on the market today. We offer our customers a wide selection of options and guarantee that we have the materials to fit your budget. Our commitment to offering cost-effective packaging solutions is spearheaded by our Crawford Guardian Private Brand.

Crawford Guardian products are manufactured to our exact specifications and quality standards. Each of our Crawford Guardian products are the best in class and meet or exceed accepted packaging standards.


Do you need a custom package? Does your product not conform to standard sizes and shapes needed for off the shelf packaging? At Crawford Packaging, our Packaging Specialist will work with you to develop, test and implement a custom secondary packaging solution for your products. Whether you require branded stretch films or die cut boxes we have the options to help your products stand out. Contact us today.



Enhancing your business performance.


Enhancing your business performance.


For over 50 years we have worked with companies to develop impactful packaging solutions. Our material handling procedures and quality control standards have helped us to achieve an industry-leading fill rate with our customers.

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Crawford Packaging works with world-class equipment and materials partners to provide clients with efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions. This has lead to the development of innovative programs such as the Crawford Pillars. These Pillar Programs offer guaranteed packaging cost savings of up to 30%.


Moreover, our commitment to quality has lead to Crawford Packaging being an accredited ISO 9001 business. We work with an established and documented quality management system that is regularly reviewed for improvements; helping us to ensure that all of our products conform to all industry and contractual requirements.



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