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The ergonomic design of the Loveshaw CF-5 and accommodates a wide range of boxes. The CF-5 Case Erector is PLC driven and requires no lubrication. Slide and lock legs adjust to meet most conveyor heights.

The CF5 replaces Air logic driven box formers, expensive labor and hand erecting boxes.

Attachment kits available for case sealers. Such as the LD-7 case sealer, SP-304 case sealer, the Uniform Legend case sealer and universal mounting kits for other case sealers.

Loveshaw Little David CF-5 Semi-Automatic Case Erector
2020 Loveshaw disturber of the year eastern Canada and northeast usa


  • Case erecting system with simple plug in operation

  • Minimal operator training required

  • No lubrication required

  • Alleviates twisting motion known to cause carpal

  • tunnel syndrome

  • Slide and lock legs

  • PLC driven


  • Spare parts kit

  • Custom color

  • Special electrics

  • Casters


  • Production Rate: Up to 6 cases per minute, depending on operator dexterity

  • Power Requirements: 110 VAC, 60Hz, single phase, 2 Amps. Note: Other voltages available.

  • Case Dimensions:

    • Length: 8″ – 25″ 203mm – 635mm

    • Width: 5.5″ – 20″ 140mm – 508mm

    • Height: 3.5″ – infinite 89mm – infinite

  • Air Requirements: 6.5 SCFM


Our Packaging Specialists have a deep understanding of case erector equipment and the best strategies to reduce costs.

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