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At Crawford Packaging, we understand that providing your staff with commercial cleaning supplies and equipment is a key component to your success. We have partnered with the premier suppliers to provide our clients with the optimum supply solutions.

From sanitation supplies to janitorial equipment, Crawford Packaging is your one-stop-shop for all of your commercial cleaning needs. We bring many years of cost effective and state-of-the-art solutions to provide your employees with clean facilities and supplies for their every need.



Keeping your floors clean improves employee safety. However, traditional cleaning methods, such as a mop and bucket, are slow and inefficient for cleaning large facilities. These methods also tend to leave dangerous slip hazards behind. Crawford Packaging offers a wide selection of Dustbane industrial floor cleaning solutions that are custom-designed to meet your facility's cleaning needs. Our wide variety of industrial scrubbers and cleaners run in any cleaning environment and are available in both push and ride formats.

Dustbane Floor Cleaner Scrubber Machine Cleaning Warehouse Floor
Someone using an automatic liquid soap dispenser while at work.


Skin hygiene, care, and safety are at the forefront of workplace health and wellness. Providing safe and accessible skin care products not only improves employee wellness, but also reduces costs.

Reducing absenteeism in the workplace through effective skin hygiene programs pays dividends far beyond the costs of these programs, providing years of value and payback.

  • Hand Cleaner

  • Hand Sanitizer



Towels, tissues, and wipers have become vital products in the workplace. Increased focus on employee and staff wellness has measurable effects on productivity and attitudes. We've partnered with the top names in the commercial sanitation business to provide a complete solution for all of your onsite needs, including:

  • Cleaning Wipes

  • Paper Towel Rolls

  • Folded Paper Towel

  • Toilet Paper

  • Facial Tissue

A box of paper towel stacks to be used in washroom dispensers.
A variety of garbage bag rolls in vary colours for sorting purposes.


Industrial garbage bags are not just as simple as one-two-three anymore. Engineered resins and manufacturing technology have added a whole new dimension to the garbage bag product category. With numerous product categories and qualities, the selection of garbage bag sizes and qualities is quite diverse. Crawford Packaging offers:

  • Regular Garbage Bags

  • Strong Garbage Bags

  • Heavy Duty Garbage Bags



By partnering with many of the industry-leading janitorial and sanitation suppliers, we can provide complete on-site evaluations. This needs assessment process allows us to identify and make recommendations for all your facility's requirements.

  • Floor Cleaning

  • Washroom Cleaning

  • Dishwashing Liquid

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Disinfectants Wipes/ Disinfectant Sprays

Sponges, rubber gloves and cleaning solutions in a plastic tub.
Ice-melter on the ground melting snow from the sidewalk.


Nobody likes winter but when it arrives you need to be ready. That's why we carry ice-melter products for immediate shipment. These ice-melters protect your employees and visitors from the dangers of unmaintained outdoor facilities. We carry the best brand name products to provide the safety and security you need.

  • Ice Melt

  • Ice Salt



Searching for something else?


Searching for something else?


Contact Crawford Packaging today to discover our full line of Janitorial and Facility Maintenance Supplies

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