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From the outset, produce and fruits properly handled through cold chain management have an extended shelf life and higher quality. Proper perishable packaging can help improve product handling and increase shelf life throughout the supply chain.

Quality produce packaging not only protects the manufacturing investment, it creates attractive, consistent products with high level customer satisfaction for return and repeat business. These products look better, last longer, taste better and outlive unpackaged products on retailer shelves by a large margin.


GrowPack is the new standard of quality in Fresh Produce Packaging. Working with industry leading sources worldwide we search for the highest quality products for our clients.  We offer the most innovative products designed to increase productivity and product protection, ensuring your products get to market in the best shape possible. Cost effective, attractive and production ready, these products are market tested and proven to perform.

  • Greater Efficiency: Increase packaging speeds and reduce materials consumption
  • Enhance Shelf Impact: Improve product presentation with the clearest films on the market today


Types of GrowPack Packaging


Types of GrowPack Packaging


At Crawford Packaging, we are experts in produce packaging. We work with world class packaging equipment and consumables partners to deliver the best produce packaging options to your operation. Working with you, we will develop cost effective packaging solutions that protect your produce and improve products shelf life. We work with new low gauge films are provide the same levels of protection. Our packaging solutions can offer growers the ability to reduce packaging material by as much as 25%, improving consumption and reducing packaging waste.

We provide grower/packers with packaging that not only looks good, but improves product shelf life. Proper produce packaging protects produce from physical damage, light, air and temperature changes that can cause spoilage.

cherry tomatoes packed in growpack top seal film with red and green colours


GrowPack lidding films offer options for high quality print and messaging. These films have incredible clarity offering consumers an almost hands on look at your packaged products. With an increased surface area for branding GrowPack lidding films can include tamper evident technologies and are capable of printing in up to 9 different colours.

  • Single and Dual Layer Films

  • Anti-Fog Options

  • Micro & Macro Perforation

  • Specialty Finishes

  • Tamper-Evident Technology

english cucumbers individually wrapped in growpack shrink film


GrowPack Cucumber Shrink Film offers growers/packers an environmentally friendly, high quality shrink film specifically engineered for cucumber packaging. GrowPack Cucumber Shrink Film is made from high quality resins that provide a stronger, clearer shrink film that looks great and runs smoothly. These films are thinner than conventional cucumber shrink film. This allows for shrink wrap machines and shrink tunnels to operate at lower temperatures, which makes this film perfect for high speed packaging operations. The premium quality film increases packaging yield per roll with fewer roll changes.

  • Custom Sizes Available

  • Stocked: 16", 17", 18", 19"

bell peppers wrapped in printed growpack flow wrap film on display


Flow wrap and flow wrap packaging continue to gain momentum and popularity in the fresh produce industry. Flow wrap films are often made from custom manufactured BOPP films (biaxially oriented polypropylene), which are one of the most popular plastic films today. Flow wrap is ideally suited for fresh produce, fruit, bakery and many other demanding applications and is available in a roll sheet format.

tomatoes on the vine packed in growpack tov bags with blue design


Over 50% of consumer purchase decisions are based on packaging alone. Stand out from your competitors with beautifully designed and cost effective Custom Produce Bags. Our Custom Produce Bags are available in a variety of formats and materials.

hands holding heads of lettuce packed in growpack produce bag in supermarket


Advancements in consumer packaging has produced a much-needed catalyst for change in produce bags. Produce bags offer consumer friendly features like re-closable seals and polypropylene bags to keep freshness and increase product life.

two cucumbers packed in plastic film on white foam tray in supermarket


From EPS Foam trays to custom and special print paperboard trays, we have a product that fits your needs. The right produce tray offers an upscale presentation to compliment your produce. We provide produce trays that are usable in flow wrapping machines and tray sealing machines.

Types of Produce Trays

  • Insert Trays

  • EPS Foam Trays

  • Fiber Trays

  • Plastic Trays

  • Chipboard Trays

  • Corrugate Trays

herbs packed in clear growpack clamshell packaging with blue and white label


We carry a variety of clamshell packaging options in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. We work with industry leaders to offer our clients the latest in product and material advances. This can include the use of recycled materials or engineered ventilation and drainage for improved shelf life. Made from crystal clear plastics GrowPack Clamshells help you highlight your greatest asset, your produce. Increase branding and messaging with the printed labels and make your produce stand out in the crowded retail environment.



The GrowPack Difference.


The GrowPack Difference.


Crawford Packaging is one of the only turn-key, full-service packaging equipment and consumables distributors in Canada. From planning and testing to machine installation and production we seek out and deliver turn-key packaging solutions that improve efficiency and decrease packaging costs. Working with world class equipment manufacturers and consumable materials partners, Crawford offers growers/packers the highest quality products on the market today. These products use advanced state of the art materials and MAP Technology (modified atmosphere packaging) to increase product shelf life and help your produce stand out on retailer shelves. Each of our packaging materials has been rigorously tested to certify their compatibility with the packaging machines that use them.

Doug Crowe, Sam Capson and Stuart Jackson with a Top Seal Packaging Machine from Packaging Automation running GrowPack Lidding Film.
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