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As a food processor, you make a great product that you take great pride in. Your customers expect the best from you, and only high-performance packaging can keep your product safe and attractive to consumers. Whether it’s primary or secondary packaging, your packaging needs to preserve a proper seal, control temperatures, and maintain structural integrity, while also having shelf appeal. Without it, your food could be at risk of damage or worse — become inedible. By choosing the right materials, paired with high-performance packaging machinery, your food will get from factory to table intact and ready to eat.


Crawford Packaging doesn’t just sell packaging materials or machinery, we sell comprehensive packaging solutions that are guaranteed to improve performance, reduce costs, and pack your food products more efficiently. By teaming up with a dedicated Crawford Packaging Specialist, you’ll gain access to a knowledge network that leverages the most innovative minds in the industry. After diagnosing your unique needs, Crawford’s team will work with our innovative suppliers to assemble your packaging solution and help you run at peak efficiency.


cooked chicken packed in yellow trays on top seal packaging machine with white background


Food Processing Pillars


Food Processing Pillars


Our team of experienced and dedicated specialists understand that food processors have a unique set of packaging needs. That’s why Crawford has developed specialized pillars that focus on the needs of our food processing clients at every packaging stage.



Retail It!


Retail It!

retail it food processing pillar logo


Optimize Your Shelf Appeal

Choosing your primary packaging is no easy task. With so many factors to consider, including crucial elements like shelf-appeal and food safety; the process can be difficult and time-consuming. Choosing the right packaging will improve both shelf-life and shelf-appeal. However, choosing the wrong packaging can negatively impact your bottom line.

Taking decades of industry experience, we’ve collaborated with our partners to develop the Crawford Packaging Retail It program. With a thorough review of your packaging operations and product specifications, we’ll use Retail It to find a primary packaging option that will put performance first. A few packaging options offered under Retail It include:

individually flow wrapped muffins stacked on top of each other

To help complement your product to improve shelf-appeal, we also work hard to customize and enhance your packaging. We offer many extra features that will dramatically improve your packaging’s performance, including:

  • Printed Flow Wrap

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging

  • Custom Top Seal Film

  • Unique Rigid Packaging

  • Tamper-Evident Protection

  • Labels

confectionery products in unique rigid packaging

Contact a Crawford Packaging Specialist today to optimize your shelf appeal!



Automate It!


Automate It!

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Reduce the Time It Takes to Package Your Product

Packaging food is time-sensitive and requires well-planned logistics to keep operations moving quickly and smoothly. When dealing with such a small margin of error, it’s important to stop mistakes before they happen. The greatest impact to packaging performance typically stems from human error, which often results in inaccurate seals and slow throughput. If these issues aren’t addressed, a packaging process can quickly become a wasteful bottleneck when getting your product to market.

flow wrapped loafs of bread on flow wrapping machine

When human error is putting packaging operations at risk, automation is almost always the solution. That’s why, in partnership with our suppliers, we’ve developed the Automate It program. Through Automate It, our Packaging Specialists will review your packaging operation and identify key opportunities for automation to make processes more efficient and effective. There are many benefits to adopting a packaging machine through the Automate It program, including:

  • Increased Throughput

  • Reduced Material Waste

  • Reduced Downtime

  • Reduced Product Loss

  • Reduced/Reallocated Labour

  • Consistent Packaging

top seal trays with various items inside on conveyor of tray seal machine

Food packaging comes in many shapes, sizes, and types; and chances are that no matter what you’re packing, there’s a machine that can do it better. We’ve partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers to offer top-of-the-line equipment that puts performance first. These are just a few of the machines that Automate It can help you adopt:

Contact a Crawford Packaging Specialist today to reduce packaging time!



Ship It!


Ship It!

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Guaranteed Savings up to 30%

Secondary packaging is often pushed aside in favour of focusing efforts on choosing the right primary packaging. While it’s certainly important to have proper primary packaging, the process of shipping your product to distributors is equally important to your product’s safety. If your packaging methods aren’t up to the task, your product could arrive damaged, contaminated, or tampered-with. On top of this, secondary packaging can become costly and wasteful if not assessed properly.

With over 50 years of experience and a network of the world’s leading experts, we’ve put together the Ship It program for food processing. The different secondary packaging areas specifically designed to compliment the food processing industry can be broken down into three categories: case sealing, stretch wrapping, and strapping.

white boxes on green case sealing machine

Case Sealing

Case Sealing Tapes:

  • Hot Melt Tape

  • Acrylic Tape

  • Cold Temperature Hot Melt Tape

  • Water-Activated Tape

two boxes on yellow strapping machine with blue strapping machine

Strapping Machines

  • Semi-Automatic Strappers

  • Automatic Strappers

Strapping Material:

  • Polyester Strapping

  • Polypropylene Strapping

  • Steel Strapping

To back up these shipping options, we also offer factory-trained services to help with installation, training, and maintenance for every machine and material we offer. We cater to your needs and customize our services to accommodate your unique operational requirements.

two men standing in front of packaging machine wearing work clothes and safety gear

Are your shipments hurting your bottom line? Contact us to find out!



Why Choose Crawford


Why Choose Crawford


Working with food requires a high attention to detail and a strong trust in your suppliers. Crawford Packaging completely committed to a level of quality far above industry standards — a mentality that translates into the products, machines, and service that we offer. Thanks to this dedication to excellence, Crawford has the honour of being an ISO 9001 certified business since 2000. Our Packaging Specialists understand the regulations of Food Processing to ensure the most accurate suggestions for equipment and materials available for packaging food.

We're ready to get started! Contact us today.

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