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Crawford Packaging is excited to announce that we are launching the most advanced, innovative, and cutting-edge top seal packaging machinery ever, the Evolution S manufactured by Packaging Automation Ltd.

Packaging Automation Ltd.’s Evolution S is the most advanced machine in top seal technology. It came to life after 4 years of research and development while working closely with the produce industry. This machine does the thinking for you and has been designed for ease of use during operation. But also, and as importantly, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance the intuitive design makes this task as simple as possible.

“Evolution S – Packaging Automation has created the most advanced tray sealing solution in the world, they have raised the bar for accuracy and high sealing speeds while reducing the required footprint for the packaging area in a single lane format! This technological breakthrough exceeds industry standards and will help our clients optimize the high production rates they require.” – Stuart Jackson, Vice President of Produce Packaging, Crawford Packaging

“With our NEW high-speed tray sealing machine, we now have a machine that can seal up to 250 packs per minute in a single lane format. This makes it the WORLDS most efficient tray sealer. We have developed new technology – SyncroTechnology – and in doing so have addressed all the areas that can potentially slow a typical tray sealing machine down. With added precision control and reliability. We are continuing to set the standard for tray sealing worldwide.” – Packaging Automation Ltd.



  • Synchro technologies optimize every stage of the packaging process.

  • Features the latest robotic technology to avoid any costly errors.

  • Packs 3 times faster than other top seal technology while operating in a continuous motion to have the highest output rate.

  • Has the ability to package up to 250 packs per minute

  • Enables high-speed feeding of the film for accurate and consistent printing

  • Eliminates intermittent stopping removing the need to stop to reposition the packs



If you are interested in learning more about the Evolution S – contact us to speak with a member of our team and discuss how Crawford can enhance your business performance!


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