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At Crawford Packaging, we are different than other wholesale packaging companies. We always strive to do better than other companies for our customers based on a certain set of goals and we achieve this through our core Pillars – with the end goal of enhancing your business performance. We don’t just sell products – we sell solutions.

These goals we set for our customers are closely aligned with our company’s core Pillars. Crawford Pillars are programs that focus on packaging performance. Each program is designed to work with customers to audit existing packaging processes and identify areas of inefficiency. Through Crawford’s Pillars, customers have the potential to save up to 30% in annual packaging costs. There are also many other benefits with the goals of Crawford’s Pillars including:

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce Waste

  • Reduce Labour Costs

  • Increase Throughput

  • Reduce Damage

  • Reduce Consumption


Increased Productivity

Automated packaging equipment requires fewer workers to complete a task than manual processes. Cuts, pulls and strains are lessened as employees are required to do less hands-on work which improves employees’ health and safety as well as keeps the packaging process flowing. By replacing slower and more intense manual processes after analyzing through the Pillars program, you can improve employee safety and reduce the costs of workplace injuries.

Reduce Waste

Inefficient packaging processes and human error often results in a poor pack. Whether it’s a misaligned piece of tape or loose stretch wrap; these errors must be corrected. Minor errors are often fixed by adding more packaging material than budgeted. Major errors may require the removal of misapplied materials and start again from scratch. Automated packaging systems use advanced controls and measurement systems to ensure your packaging is done right, the first time, every time.

Reduce Labour Costs

Labour costs are one of the largest variables that affect a business bottom line. This often results in a balancing act to ensure labour costs don't negatively impact profits. However, through the addition of packaging equipment solutions, businesses can reduce and reallocate the labour required for results.

Increased Throughput

Do you get tired? Packaging equipment doesn’t. Automated packaging equipment is capable of running for extended periods of time without breaks. Their tireless mechanics allow the equipment to run at higher speeds for extended periods of time so that you can increase your packaging throughput.

Reduce Damages

Making sure that your goods arrive in as-sold condition is a key objective of your packaging. Proper packaging protects your products from a variety of external forces during transport and storage. Automated equipment uses advanced technology and tracking to ensure a consistent package that meets your set standards. This uniformity makes material handling an easier task and improves the strength of your packs.

Reduce Consumption

Automated solutions create consistent packaging processes, improving productivity and reducing waste. This standardizes material use, regulating consumption and improving inventory management. By utilizing automated processes, you ensure that the same amount of material is used per pack. Automated equipment also helps to reduce the risk of operator errors. This prevents the need to apply more material than is necessary as well as the time cost of correcting the error.



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