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Crawford Packaging is excited to announce that we have chosen a new ERP platform, Epicor, to help us in our mission of enhancing your business performance. This project started back in October of 2020 so as of today, we are 20 months into the project – with still more to come. This new EPR platform will allow Crawford to better control inventory, shipments, and more then in return, benefit our customers.


An ERP platform, otherwise known as an enterprise resource planning system, is a process used by companies and distributors to manage and integrate the most important parts of their businesses. ERP platforms allow businesses to access information for clients and vendors all in one place with the goal of providing quicker response rates and more.

In partnership with Pemeco Consulting, Crawford Packaging completed a comprehensive business assessment and vendor selection process in 2021 and 2022. There were many ERP vendors that presented superior platforms but the platform we found would benefit the company and our customers the best – Epicor’s Prophet 21.

The Crawford Team together outside Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre for training on the new ERP


We have selected Epicor's Prophet 21 cloud solution as the innovative fit for purpose Distribution ERP solution to meet our current and future needs. There are many features this ERP has which made it our top choice, but a few features are:

  • Cloud Deployment

  • Web Enabled

  • Configurable

  • Extensible


In the spring of 2023, Crawford Packaging will continue leveraging industry-leading tools in implementing this new solution.


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