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Crawford Packaging will be exhibiting this year at the CPMA Annual Convention and Trade Show on April 5-7th in Montreal, Québec. If you are attending this year’s CPMA show, come visit us at booth #2205 and discover the Crawford Packaging advantage.

This year we are excited to be highlighting our amazing offering of produce films. We offer produce film solutions for a variety of product ranges and packaging formats.


  • Doug Crowe, Regional Sales Manager

  • Xavier Peña, Director of Corporate Development

  • Steve Thoms, Packaging Specialist

  • Brandon Taggart, Packaging Specialist

  • Angela Shagat, Packaging Specialist



Produce packaging films are one of the key components to protecting your fresh produce on its way to market. In today's market, it is estimated that between 25-50% of all fresh food is lost before it makes it to market. Produce packaging and films work to reduce food loss by increasing protection and extending product shelf life.



Top seal packaging is one of the fastest growing packaging methods in the produce market today. These reusable containers offer Produce Growers the added protection of a hard container, but with up to 25% less raw material used. GrowPack top seal films are designed to work with metal, fiber, and plastic packaging trays.

GrowPack films are made from 100% recyclable materials, or advanced polyethylene made from renewable sources.

Along with top seal packaging being one of the fastest growing packaging methods, we launched the latest in top seal technology this year with the Packaging Automation Ltd.’s Evolution S. The Evolution S utilizes cutting edge technology and with that comes:

  • The ability to package up to 250 packs per minute

  • Packs 3 times faster than other top seal technology while operating in a continuous motion to have the highest output rate.

  • Eliminates intermittent stopping removing the need to stop to reposition the packs



GrowPack shrink wrap films offer Growers incredible versatility, clarity, and strength. This shrink film can be used on any existing shrink packaging system. GrowPack shrink films are available in a variety of gauges and offer incredible optics for amazing shelf appearance while promoting healthy gas exchanges to extend shelf life.

GrowPack’s Premium Cucumber Films are made from strong resins and use a specially engineered pre-perforated design. On properly calibrated equipment, GrowPack Premium Cucumber Film run at higher speeds than conventional cucumber films. These films create a strong protective layer making it possible to package mini cucumbers without the need for trays.


This film increases equipment output while decreasing energy consumption due to a lower required heat. The thinner, stronger cucumber film is available at the same pound per roll and has been able to increase per roll pack yield by 10%-15%.



Paper solutions, or any kind of sustainable packaging, have seen an increase in demand over the last few years - one of the reasons is because it is 100% recyclable. Paper solutions can range from lidding materials, produce bags, and more. These paper solutions offer significant reduction in a customer’s carbon footprint making it a sustainable alternative for those looking to pivot to eco-friendly.

Crawford’s 100% recyclable paper packaging provides amazing print quality, is moisture-resistance, and improved pack ventilation. These paper solutions provide all the same benefits as a traditional film with all the added eco-friendly benefits. Some benefits of paper solutions include:

  • Reduced Waste

  • Reduced Labour

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint



Flow wrapping is the process of creating a bag around a product as it moves through a flow wrap machine. Packages can be created for individual items or for bulk produce packaging solutions. Flow wrap films are made from BOPP plastics and can be custom printed for increased branding opportunities.

GrowPack flow wrap films are made from custom manufactured BOPP films (biaxially oriented polypropylene), which are one of the most popular plastic films today. Custom manufactured to exacting specifications, GrowPack premium flow wrap films are market proven and offer excellent machinability.

Utilizing GrowPack flow wrap films made from BOPP film can improve your packaging process by:

  • Improved Product Appearance

  • Increased Productivity

  • Decreased Labour Costs


If you have registered for CPMA’s Fresh Summit 2022, you can learn more about our solutions by coming by booth #2205 to speak to one of our Packaging Specialists. See you there!

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