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Legible, accurate labels for your packaged products is critical for effective inventory and supply chain management. Crawford Packaging carries a wide selection of labeling, marking and case coding machines to ensure your products are easy to manage and track through production and shipping. Our labeling machine lineup has a variety of printer types. We have the printer or applicator to ensure the right labeling machine for your case material.

A print and apply label machine running on a packaging line.


Extremely accurate, reliable and durable, these case label application systems can be added to any production line. These apply/print and apply labeling machines will simplify labeling jobs and improve productivity.

An industrial ink jet printer coding boxes as they move along a conveyor.


High-Resolution Ink Jet Printing systems have advanced user options for marking and coding applications. High-Resolution Thermal Jet Printers print up to six lines of large character text. These printers print multiple lines directly to the side of the box. These printers are perfect for porous boxes or boxes with high recycled material content.

A thermal transfer printer ejecting a recently printed label.


Thermal transfer printing is the process of transferring ink to a package or label using a thermal print head and ribbon. The process produces a high-resolution print that is easy to read. Thermal transfer printers are the optimal printing method for flexible packaging.



Save time with labeling machines.


Save time with labeling machines.

Corrugate boxes that have been coded for shipping by a label machine.


Case labeling and coding is the application of information to a packed corrugate case.  Labels assist with inventory and supply chain management accuracy. Case labels can contain information such as the product name, bar codes or lot trace information. Labeling machines and case coders ensure that all external markings are accurate and legible.

Legible labels help improve stock management. With accurate quantities and dates, inventory managers can track stock numbers and expiration dates. Proper lot tracking leads to increased inventory accuracy and minimizes the risk of expired products reaching the market.

An upward graph indicating an increase in packaging efficiency possible with case labeling machines.


Label and coding machines speed up the labeling process increasing productivity.  Ink jet printing and print and apply label machines allow for on the fly printing. Printing labels with incremental information without the need to manually adjust the content. Labeling machines are faster and with better accuracy compared to labeling operations completed by hand. A labeling machines or case coding machine can be integrated into any existing production line.

2 blue leafs to symbolize the enviromentall benefits of case labeling machines.


Labeling applicators and print and apply label machines reduce label waste. Label waste is easily dispossessed with the machine re-rolling the waste backing. Label waste can be reduced further by printing directly on to cases with Inkjet printing machines.

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